The Studio

The Studio is a creative space for art and other creative activities. It is located at 11739 94th street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There are art and prints and other arts and crafts for sale. We have shows in the community featuring Glen Ronald and other artists in the area.

Arts on the Ave

Arts on the Ave is a community based, grassroots initiative engaged in developing 118th Avenue as the Community Arts Avenue of Edmonton.

(from the Arts on the Ave Facebook page)


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Great artist go ahead

  2. José Vicente says:

    Your art is spetacular! I’m an object designer and turned your fan! Please visit my instagram page @Jose_Vicente10

  3. Ron Erickson says:

    Enjoyed your art, your welcome and time to talk with you Glen. Your technique is terrific and handling of colour masterful. I’ll have to find Frank and enjoy his collection of work.
    Ron Erickson

  4. Mel Wherry says:

    You have seriously inspired me so much, i don’t think you even understand. Your style is something so unique and beautiful. i have recently changed my AP art concentration to portraits just because yours drew me in so much. you responded to one of my instagram pieces inspired by you and it made my week. Please keep creating and ill keep watching. Id love to get to know your thoughts on some of my pieces and learn your inspirations and drive to your own work. I know you probably have little time to spare for a girl in New Jersey, but if you could it would mean the world to me. instagram: melwherry email: melwherry@gmail.com

  5. Ellie Hurley says:

    Hi there, I absolutely love your work! I’m currently doing an AS level in fine art and would love to do a analytical frame on you, but I just can’t seem to find any information on you! It would be a really big help if you could link me to a website with more information or get in touch with me. Thanks! – Ellie

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